Thursday, January 4, 2007

Our Beautiful Daughter!


Kramer said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations on your precious addition and congrats to Lexi as she is now the big sis. I can't wait to follow your journey!
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Donna said...

Okay, this seals it! She's the cutest baby I've seen all day (and I've seen LOTS of cute babies!)

She's Xiao Xiang and our daughter (Maddy) was Xiao Xian. (Gwen was also a "Xiao"). Sumthin' about Xiao babies that make them super adorable?


I can't wait to follow the exciting journey! Congratulations!!

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Carrie said...


You are one lucky family!


redmaryjanes said...

Now you have 2 special beauties.
Congratulations!! She is adorable.

Babygirl's parents said...

A very heartfelt congratulations to you!!! She is beautiful and I know you can't wait to hold her!
Congrats on becomming a big sister Lexi!


Mom Ladybird said...

Congratulations to your family! She is adorable! Hoping for speedy travels for you soon
Hugz & Ladybird Kisses

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Hugh & Sonia said...

What a beautiful baby!! And a spicy girl at that. Congratulations ~ wishing you speedy travels to bring your precious daughter home.

P.S. That's pretty amazing the similarities between your daughters(:

Christi said...

She is so wonderful! Congratulations!

Catherine said...

She's absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations!!!

Colleen said...

She is absolutley beautiful!! What a sweet face. Congratulations to you!!! :-)

PinkDevora said...

Congratulations! Your daughter is adorable.