Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Year Ago Today

Cady's adoption was official one year ago. Life is busy and time has flown. I sat down to update the blog and I couldn't even remember my user name or password. (Is anybody reading this?)

Cady really is a perfect child, she's simply a delight. I can't believe that it's been a year already, but in a way I don't remember life without her.

Here are some updates:

*Cady started walking at 18 months. I was so relieved! Recently she has found a new speed. I wouldn't call it running, but she's got a cute little bounce to her second gear. She hasn't quite learned to jump up off the ground, but the last time we were at Monkey Joe's she was getting the hang of bouncing up and down.

*Chewing is becoming more efficient now that Cady has 11.5 teeth. After the front 8 came in the back 4 molars appeared. And, by the way (and just to give more evidence of her perfection), teething is never accompanied by fussiness. Sometimes she'll have a runny nose or chew on her fingers when a tooth is coming in, but mostly we don't know until we see it. Meal time is never a battle. She still doesn't like green beans and she's not especially fond of brussel sprouts (one of Lexi's favorites!), but other than that she'll eat what we give her.

*She weighs at least 30 pounds. We haven't weighed her since October when she was 27 pounds with a cast on. (yes, poor thing broke her arm. She fell off the end of our bed. Head first over the foot board.) She still carries that squeezable baby fat. Her thighs are very pinchable, she just laughs and laughs.

*Cady's verbal skills are coming along. She will attempt most words you ask her to say. She loves to point to each member of the family and name them. Lexi is "Sissy" (which I'm not real crazy about, but "Lexi" is a hard word for a baby to say so I'm biting my tongue for now). She is still using a few signs, her favorite has always been eat. She also likes to name body parts and count (un, ew, ee). It's so cute. Lexi gets excited when she can get Cady to say a new word, sometimes she's a little too persistent.

*We are down to just one nap a day. This is a good thing because we were stuck at home alot while Cady had her 2 long naps each day. She usually sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon and then goes to bed at 7:30 each night. She wakes up between 7 and 7:30 in the morning. Still loves her warm milk first thing in the morning and right after naps.

*Fear is not a factor for Cady. She climbs tall playground equipment and slides down the steepest slides. She loves swinging and riding fast in her car around the neighborhood.

*Cady's favorite toys are ones that sing or make noise. She loves to push buttons, play with dishes and dolls, and read books. Balls are another fav.

There is so much more to say about our sweet Cady Lin, but I'll end with some pictures.

September 2007

December 2007

January 2008

February 2008

Sunday, August 26, 2007

6 Months

Holy cow! It's been 6 months since Cadence Lin was placed in our arms. She is an amazing baby and we can't imagine a more perfect fit for our family. There are days that Lexi reminisces about the time before we "picked up Cady from China," but all in all the adjustment has been smooth for all of us (just not enough time in the day for blogging and scrapbooking and resting or cleaning!).

Here are some updates:

*Cady is growing like a weed, she eats anything we put in front of her. The only food she prefers not to eat is green beans. She only has 2 teeth (I'm a little concerned, her doc is NOT) but that doesn't seem to stop her. Currently weighing in at 25 lbs 9 oz.

*Cady started crawling at 13 months. We keep telling her she needs to learn to walk (she's killing my back), but she still prefers all 4s. She loves to walk back and forth between Mom and Dad or Papa and Nana. Actually, she's quite proud of herself when she makes it across the room and we all clap. It won't be long before walking becomes her preferred mode of transportation.

*Language skills are slowly coming. She uses 2 words: up and apple. She signs: more, eat, milk, all done, & yes (this is a vigorous head nod), also, she loves to clap when we say "yeah". She understands much, much more. She follows commands like: come here, no touching, (be) gentle, don't eat that, etc.

*Fun facts: She loves to mimik silly faces. She closes her eyes (just briefly) and folds her hands we say it's time to pray. She is very ticklish under her chin and on her thighs. She's a snuggler. She sleeps with one leg propped up on the side of the crib. She loves her crib. Sleeps and snuggles with Bear Bear, she hugs him up close to her face. Has to have milk as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She enjoys bath time with Lexi, they see who can splash the most water out of the tub. She tries to lick the wash cloth everytime we wash her face, that tongue comes out every single time. She really only cries if she is super tired or hungry. She loves to ride in her little car when we take Godiva out for a walk around the neighborhood.

And now for some pics:

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We are Home!

Okay, I'm getting lots of complaints that the blog hasn't been updated. We're suffering from jet lag people!! But really, I'm sorry.

The flights home seemed never ending. Cady got sick with a cold and fever the night before we left. Poor baby was quite miserable and then so were we. She slept a few hours, but after that she was up for the next 24 hours, fussy and crabby (or maybe that was me). Lexi was super, she slept most of the way. We were lucky enough to get an extra seat (the China Southern attendant blocked the seat by us when we checked in, he said if the flight wasn't full we would have it to ourselves) so Lexi spread out over 2 seats and slept the flight away! I wouldn't choose China Southern again and I definitely wouldn't choose a red eye!! I didn't like LA airport much either!

Enough of the complaining, once we arrived in Orlando we were so relieved. And when we exited past security we were welcomed home by a wonderful group of family and friends. They had all gotten up early and skipped church to be at the airport to welcome us. It was so nice to see everyone and be back home. Once we got home we found more surprises waiting for us there. Our fridge was full of food, casseroles and fresh fruit, yummy bread and bagels, homemade muffins and the makings for spaghetti. We are blessed with wonderful friends.

Just when we thought that jet lag was going to win, we are starting to feel normal again and sleep at normal times again. We aren't waking up at 3am feeling hungry anymore. Lexi is sleeping until around 7 and Cady isn't waking during the night. Cady was the first to switch to EST. She is really a champion of sleep. A couple mornings this week I actually had to wake her up because she was sleeping in past 9. She naps for 3 or 4 hours at a time in the afternoon and is ready for bed by 7:30. Cady has had a cold since we returned, it's slowly starting to clear up. I took her to the doc this week for a check up and the doc very impressed with her health and disposition. She babbled and smiled for him, charmed him well. She is in the 85th percentile for weight and 60th for height. You really have to see the thighs in person to really appreciate their size. She's just so squeezable!!

Lexi enjoys playing with her sister and always wants to wake her in the morning or from her nap. We are impressed so far with her attitude toward her sister.

Well, I know you want more pictures so here's a few (the pictures of Lexi with blue stuff on her face is how we found her at 6am one morning, the blue stuff is some funky lip gloss, her face stayed tinted for 2 days!):

2007 March

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Last Full Day in China!!

Okay, I'm not going to tell you what we did today except that we had a lovely farewell dinner with our group tonight. It was bittersweet because we have made friends on this trip that we won't see for a while and saying goodbye to the China Team is very sad. I didn't get emotional at dinner because I was too busy tending to Cady's meltdown. Yes, sweet Cady had a major meltdown. Poor thing was so tired she didn't know what to do. And the room temperature bottle that I offered her just made her mad. Oh, yes, she kicked and screamed. We finally got the bottle warmed up and she was still too mad to enjoy it. By the time she finally gave in and drank the bottle she was so tired she couldn't stay awake. I put her in the stroller and she fell asleep instantly.

We are pretty much packed. We had to buy an extra suitcase, because, well, we haven't just been window shopping you know!! Tomorrow is a busy day of last minute purchases and packing and lunch and naps and heading to airport at 4. We don't actually reach our destination until Saturday at 8:20am, so we are looking at over 30 hours of bus/airports/airplanes/car between hotel and home sweet home. Pray for us!

I didn't edit any of the pictures from tonight. Just too tired!
Last full day in China!! 3-8

Our next post will be from home!!

Random thoughts:
*I am blessed. Great husband, wonderful kids!
*Lexi keeps asking for spaghetti, I thinks she's over the Chinese food (which is actually a favorite of hers, along with Indian and Korean!).
*I'm going to have to start cooking again!
*Russ is going back to work on Monday!
*It's going to be me with 2 kids, all day!
*Jet lag, oh my
*I miss my dog.
*I'm going to miss maid service.
*At home I am the maid.
*I need a cook and a cleaning lady.
*I think I gained some weight.
*It's late, I better stop thinking!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Guess What We Did Today......

More shopping!!! We went to a jade market and a pearl market and got some great deals. One of the ladies in our group has a Chinese friend that lives here in Guangzhou. She loaned us her friend for the morning. Millie took us to the markets and did the bargaining for us. She buys alot of pearls so she knew right were to take us and how much we should pay. Fun stuff.

For dinner we went on a cruise on the Pearl River. It was a bit disappointing because the weather was bad and the food was terrible. Oh well, we got some nice pictures along the way. We don't have any other pictures today so it's just the scenery along the Pearl.

Tomorrow we are off to the US consulate to take an oath. And then we are home free. During Lexi's bath tonight I told her that we only have 2 more nights in China and then we are going home. She was very disappointed and said, "But our vacation is so much fun!" She doesn't want to go home!

Cady is really coming out of her shell now. She is eating well, except for breakfast - she doesn't have much of an appetite in the morning. She is playful and happy. She goes along with what ever the plan is and only gets fussy when she wants a bottle. At bed time she fusses or cries, but it only lasts 5 or so minutes. For nap time she puts up less of a fuss. She doesn't make a peep the entire night. We've had to wake her up most mornings (and that kills me!! I hate to wake a sleeping child!). Lexi is sleeping well too! (that's an answer to lots of prayers) Both girls put up with the pearl and jade markets this morning much better than my Dad. He got bored and took a cab back to the hotel. The girls and Russ stuck it out.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More Shopping

We are doing more shopping than touring these days. The money is running low, but we haven't been to all the shops. In between shopping expeditions we had to do some paperwork today. We had to fill out more papers and make sure we had everything together for our consulate appointment tomorrow. We don't actually go to the consulate our agency goes for us. They will be submitting our application for a visa for Cady. Also, this application is for immigration to US. When we land on US soil Cady will be an American citizen. Yeah!!!

We spent a few hours on Shaiman Island this morning (for those of you not familiar with this island - it is an area where the US consulate used to be, there is a huge 5 star hotel there where most adoptive families stay, lots and lots of shops catering to adoptive families, dresses and shoes, oh my). Dad and Deanna made friends with Amy at Jessica's Place. She teased them and said they were her best customers. She also said that Deanna could be on American Idol and that Russ looks like a famous Chinese actor. She took a picture of him! So many people tell him that he looks Chinese. Funny stuff, they don't believe us when we tell them he's from South Africa! Amy about busted a gut laughing, I think she didn't understand the South part and just heard African.

I don't have many pictures to show you today, but I've uploaded pictures from an unsuccessful photo shoot. Enjoy!