Monday, February 26, 2007

More pictures

Click picture to go to my album.


Carrie said...

What a beautiful family!! Your daughters are both so precious.

Can't wait to experience that day too!


Mary said...

As my friend's son would say, "I am so stinkin' jealous!!!"

What a beautiful beautiful baby girl. Enjoy every minute.

We are six groups behind you!


Awww, she's SOOO beautiful and you all look so happy! How precious Lexi is with her, and Cady's just reaching out to touch all of you. What a very special family of four you have created. Congratulations again! Can't wait til you get back home so I can give Cady a squeeze.


Lee-Anne said...

Gorgeous family! Everyone looks so happy!

nikki said...

Wonderful pictures!
What an incredible day for your family.
I also loved the pics where Cady is reaching out to touch all of you -- gettin' to know her new family.
So precious.