Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Next Week!

Our newest Valentine, Sweet Cady Lin
I still can't believe we are leaving next week!

Yes, we are leaving next week. Our flight schedule stinks, but we'll be on our way next Friday. I'm hoping we'll get some sleep on the flight. I'm really hoping Lexi will sleep more than she'll be awake. We shall see.

Cadence will be placed in our arms on Monday, Feb 26. I'm anxious to meet her. Lexi can't wait to hold her and she's actually curious about how Cady will smell. Not sure where that one came from. We'll spend 5 days in Changsha before heading to Guangzhou for another week. The ride home includes 2 red-eyes. Yikes. Please keep us in your prayers!


nikki said...

Oh my! That is wonderful are meeting your little spice girl in less than 2 weeks!!
I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. Wow!

Karen said...

We have a Cady too! Donna from Double Happiness ( told me about the name of your daughter. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name, and at least for our daughter, the name is true to her love of music.
Congratulations on your beautiful daughter.

Esther & Emma's Jie Jie said...

I love the name Cadence.. It's so unique, but beautiful...just like her!

I think we've met y'all at some of the FCC events before. I have two sisters from China- Esther & Emma, both age 4.

Praying for a safe journey for you guys and can't wait to see her!

Oh.. and, Cady will be placed in your arms on my birthday! =)

Lee-Anne said...

Love Lexi's comment re: how Cadence will smell!!! Cute!

Godspeed to Cadence