Sunday, February 25, 2007

We're in Guangzhou

We made it to China!! It was a long flight. Lexi was a trouper. She slept for about 3 hours in the airport before we got on the plane and then slept for the first 6 hours. The flight was 15 hours. We wouldn't have made it through with out Nana's big colossal bag of snacks. Russ made fun, but he appologized in the end (actually, he was the first to ask for snacks). Painful in several ways, but we made it. Our group is made up of 23 families, 7 are getting babies from Cady's orphanage. We have to meet the group at 6:30 tomorrow morning to head back to the airport to fly to Changsha, we'll get the babies shortly after arriving. I'll post pictures as soon as I can (although I'm not quite sure how because my blogger dashboard is in Chinese:)

We've had our first yummy Chinese meal. We had dim sum that was delightful. There are a few other vegetarians in our group so we sat together and enjoyed meatless dishes. So yummy, we'll have to explore what Orlando has to offer!

Until tomorrow...


John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

Wow, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL.
We just got back from Hunan with our daughter and she sure is a spicy girl !
Enjoy your trip!

Donna said...

WooHoo! You're there! Can't wait to see the babies arrive soon!

USAA Gp 106 and 111.5

Jackie Sue said...

Jen....I am sooooo excited for you! I can't wait to see Gotcha day photos! We missed you at Davie's party...there was quite a crowd! So glad you are going to wake up today and go to get Miss Cady! God Bless! love, jackie

nikki said...

Oh, I am so glad I checked your blog today! You're there! How exciting!
It's been almost 2 years since we were in Changsha for our spice girl.
Can't wait to see Cady!

Don & Judy said...

Hi Jenny & Russ,

So glad to hear you made it safely to Guangzhou!

I will be eagerly waiting to see those precious "gotcha day" pic's of you and your sweet Cady Lin!

Have a wonderful trip!
God Bless!
Judy in KC
Sept 2005 DTC Group

Kevin said...

I'm waiting on pins and needles for your next blog, I'm sure by now she is in your arms. I'm so excited, I hope I can sleep. Today we went to pick up the in-laws and Hailey thought we were going to meet you, I told her soon but she's just as excited to get you guys home as we are. I love you guys alot! Can't wait to see the next blog!

Lee-Anne said...

Sounds like your family is doing really well!!! One more stop - then its Cadence Time!

Safe travels!