Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fun Day, Not so Fun Ending

Since official business is completed here in Changsha and we are now just waiting to receive the paperwork and Cady's passport we can now have some fun. We went to the Hunan Provincial Museum this morning and had some free time this afternoon. The museum was fascinating, sorry I can't elaborate, I really didn't get much out of it because I was tending to 2 kids. We had to wake Cady up from her nap to meet the group to leave for the museum so she was a tad fussy. And Lexi had a minor melt down in the museum. All three of the big sisters had a turn at melting! So much fun. Cady finally fell back asleep in the carrier. She seems to prefer her crib. Everytime we lay her in the crib she falls right asleep. That is, until tonight. I'm not sure what happened. One moment she was laughing and playing on the bed (see the photo album - purple jammies) and literally the next moment she was screaming in the crib. This was the first all out crying fit. Holding her didn't seem to comfort her so back in the crib she went. Oh she cried. We didn't like it too much and Lexi didn't know what to do. She patted Cady and asked why she was crying. Then she had tears in her eyes. I asked her if Cady's crying made her sad and she broke out into a major boo hoo fit. It was anarchy in room 3122! Oh my, this lasted 20 minutes and then both were asleep. I guess the babymoon is over. I hope the rest of the night goes without tears!

We didn't take many pictures today, the museum had a no photo rule - they had 2000 year old artifacts, oh and a real live (or I mean dead) 2000 year old (well, 2000 years dead) person. It was some important person, but remember, I didn't really pay attention. I'm going to get the book. Click on Cady's oh so cute picture to go to the album.

More tomorrow.


hmeyer83 said...

Little girls! Good thing God makes them so cute! Hopefully, you will get good rest tonight, and the girls will sleep through it. I wish you continued safe travels. Give them kisses and hugs for me!

Heather (Miss Heather)

P.S. We will miss you and Lexi at dance tomorrow morning!

slsteiner said...

She is beautiful. Lexi looks like she really loves her. I hope you all get some sleep tonight.
Sydney will miss Lexi tomorrow at dance. Tell her we can't wait to see her and her new sister!


nikki said...

Wonderful photo album. Both your girls are so beautiful.

About the unconsolable crying -- we had LOTS of that when we were in China. (and it lasted much longer than 20 minutes).

Hope you all got some sleep!

Lee-Anne said...

Poor baby girl! Glad she went to sleep though!

Mom-of-5 said...

It's just part of all the changes. Hope tonight goes better for your family.