Thursday, March 1, 2007

And the Winner Is.......

Us, yes, we have won the baby lottery. We have the best baby ever.

We had another fun filled day today. We had a tour of the oldest and most prestigious university in China. And then we went to Walmart. Okay, the second part may not sound that exciting, but it actually was quite interesting. They carried all the usual Walmart products and some very unusual (to us) items. Of course, half of the items weren't even recognizable or identifiable. Lexi thought she saw dried bat (we saw lots of dried foods, pig skin with head and all, but I don't think there was any bat. Anyway, the coolest part was the people mover. Walmart was on 2 floors of this building. The people mover took you and your cart from one floor to the next. Your cart some how locked into the escalator so it wouldn't roll as you moved. They even had misc items along the way so you could shop as you moved. Fun stuff.

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Cady continues to amaze us with her personality. She is easy going and happy pretty much all of the time. During our tour this morning I had her strapped to my chest with my Mei Tai (babyhawk) for over 3.5 hours. She was happy and I was happy too. I could be a spokesperson for this carrier. It's not easy carrying a 22 pound baby, but this Mei Tai makes it a breeze. No back pain or shoulder pressure. Delightful! I especially enjoyed having her so close. We chatted, played lip noise games, kissed a lot, and she even took a nap. We kept each other warm on this chilly and cloudy day. Nice bonding time.

A few P.S.'s:

To Miss Heather and all the little ballerinas: Lexi is dancing her way through China. She's practicing her ballet moves in front of the mirror in our hotel room. In the elevator there is a perfect ballet bar where she has more practice. She's even teaching her new friends some of her dance moves. And doesn't she look cute in that beautiful orange coat! Thanks Kaitlyn and Kendall.

About last night: Cady ended up sleeping peacefully all through the night. Yeah!! She woke up happy at 8am. That would have been super sleeping in time for us, but Lexi decided she needed to start her day at 5:15. Oh, well, there's always tonight.

To everyone leaving comments and emailing: Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. It's nice to know that you are thinking of us.

To all future adopters: Sorry about taking the best baby ever, I'm sure there are lots of really wonderful babies just waiting for you!


Nicola said...

Funny how American "places" such as Walmart make it around the world, even if they are different. I've had the escalator shopping cart experience before too, at the IKEA in Chicago. Very different. LOL Looks like you are all having fun. Cute cute photos. Safe travels.
Love, Nikki

Marie said...

I am having so much fun following your blog! Cady is such a cute baby!!! So cute how loving her big sister is with her.
Thanks for mentioning the brand of your carrier. I am in 115 and haven't decided on one yet. Checked out their site and think I am going to place an order.

Have a wonderful rest of your trip!!!

Lee-Anne said...

Haven't heard a bad report about the Mei Tai yet! You look like you guys are really enjoying China (and Cadence!) FANTASTIC!