Monday, February 2, 2009

A Book about a Blog about a Trip to China

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Donna said...

Wow! You did a really fantastic job! I bet it felt good to finish it, huh!

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Paul, Heather, Ryleigh and Dylan said...

Hi Jen,
Imagine my surprise when I checked your blog today (it's been a long time!) and saw your Shutterfly photo book. What an incredible creation! I just finished a photobook of Dylan's adoption story. I noticed that you created pages that are not available on Shutterfly's site. How did you do it? It's absolutely beautiful!

Take Care,
Heather (Matt Draves' sister)

Thompson said...

Heidi-ho Goliaths!

I have no idea if anyone is even checking this blog site anymore but I came across it in searching for some information in my inbox regarding some restaurant-quality china that a friend of mine is practically giving away to any non-profit or church that wants/needs.

Anywho, I hope your holidays were great; your kids must be huge by now! Well, let me pass on my official congratulations to you both.

Maybell and I have some pics of Lexi Lu having a ball at our wedding. My New Year's resolution is to get them to you before 2011!

Take care and all the best for the New Year.

Jerry Thompson