Friday, March 2, 2007

Last Full Day in Changsha

We received our official adoption papers today and Cady's Chinese passport. And now we are done in Changsha. It's bittersweet, but tomorrow we head to Guangzhou. The picture above is from our adoption decree.

Our outing today took us to the Hunan Embroidery factory. We saw some amazing work. The pictures won't do justice to the artistry and talent, but you can see the beauty. Some of the pieces are double sided. Our guide told us that there are only 10 people in China with skills good enough to embroidery on both sides of a piece of cloth/silk. It really was impressive.

After naps (Cady is a champion sleeper) we headed out onto the streets of Changsha - alone. There is great danger on the streets. The cars, bikes, motorcycles, and pedestrians all share the same space and the rules are just suggestions. I can't tell you how many "near" accidents we witnessed. The pedestrians are bold and take chances. Our guides told us there are very few accidents, but you wouldn't believe it by watching the traffic. I can't believe that we haven't witnessed an accident. So anyway, we wanted to see more of the local people. We came across a street market and witnessed a chicken's fatal boiling. Really, these people eat everything from bull frog to horse. Yes, we saw both. I think we scarred Lexi. At first she thought it was a little zoo or maybe a pet shop. I'm glad she didn't recognize the horse carcass. There was meat just hanging in the open air waiting to be butchered. And of course the live animals just waiting to be boiled. I'm so glad to be vegetarian! Anyway, it was interesting. My dad and Russ didn't enjoy the explorations as much as Deanna and I so we ditched them and headed off on our own. We saw lots of cool shops and witnessed more "near" accidents. Fortunately, they have underground cross walks at many of the busy intersections.

Cady continues to come out of her shell. I'm happy to report that she is eating better. She's now taking her bottles and she ate steamed egg and squash at dinner tonight. We've been trying to get her to drink the formula supplied by the orphanage, but she has refused it. I bought a couple different kinds at Walmart and she likes the Isomil soy formula. I'm glad because that's the kind I planned on giving her once we're back home.

She's really trying to be mobile. That's funny because she can barely sit up. She topples so easily. She's rolling over with no trouble, however, she doesn't care much for being on her belly.

We enjoyed watching her and Lexi in the stroller today. Lexi would kiss her and she would crank her head around to get more. Awe, sisters.

I guess that's all for now. Enjoy the pictures.


Jackie Sue said...

I am soooo loving reading about your every move!!!! I love all the photos. I am going to have to figure out how to add that to my blog for travel. I know I've said it before, but Cady is beeeautiful! You all look like you are having a wonderful time and I couldn't be happier for you. Still waiting on TAs here...bummer, but it will come soon! Save some dresses for Ellie in Guangzhou :) much love

Anonymous said...

So good to hear everything is still going smoothly. Beautiful pictures of your sightseeing. What an interesting culture they have. But I'm confused by the stroller pictures. :) Are you squashing two kids into one stroller or is it made to do that?


nikki said...

Great pictures, again.
I have similar ones of the embroidery factory -- I was also sooo amazed.
Looks like you all are adjusting quite well -- what a beautiful family of 4 you are!