Sunday, March 4, 2007

Back in Guangzhou

Hey everyone,

We made it back to Guangzhou safe and sound. We got in late and didn't get our luggage until after 9. We hadn't eaten a real meal since breakfast and room service was a desaster. We had a small misunderstanding. They didn't understand my english! I made Lexi eat her sandwich and didn't realize until after she finished half of it that it had some kind of nasty meat in it. I've poisoned my child. So we were exhausted and didn't have time to blog last night. I'm online now but the internet service is painfully slow. I'm even having trouble reading my email. I'll try from starbucks tomorrow.

We visited the temple today to have the babies blessed (we didn't really participate in the blessing, but it was interesting to watch). Today is Chinese Valentines, it is the 15th day of the lunar new year. The temple area was very crouded because everyone wanted to pray to budda and burn insense to him. Our guide warned us to be careful, there would be lots of people burning incense and we don't want to get burned. Lexi heard this warning and said "There's going to be alot of insects? I don't want to burn insects!" Anyway, it was quite an experience. Check out the pictures.

We had some free time this afternoon so we took a scarry cab ride to the leather market. We had a blast shopping for purses. We are going to need an extra suitcase to bring home our loot. We are planning more shopping for tomorrow and then we go for Cady's medical exam.

Tonight our agency planned a pizza party for all the families. They call it a reunion because everyone is back from the different provinces with their babies. It was fun to see all the babies and hear their stories. The pizza wasn't bad either (Pizza hut delivers in China!) We really are eating quite well.

Cady is doing better with eating. Tonight she ate some congee with chicken. I've decided since she hasn't been a vegetarian I won't convert her until we're back home :) Really, I was just glad she would eat something. She has been refusing everything but a small bottle and gerber puffs and cheerios.

Until tomorrow......

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nikki said...

Once again, great pictures! The one with Lexy giving Cady a kiss on the head needs to be blown up and framed -- too cute!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your trip...I remember buying a really inexpensive suitcase there for all the stuff we bought for the trip home. Not a bad idea!