Monday, March 5, 2007

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Oh, how we love to shop! Even Russ and my Dad are getting into the spirit of shopping. We are old pros at Chinese taxi rides. It's best that you pray and keep your eyes closed. Sometimes its down right terrifying! I will have to say that we still haven't witnessed any accidents. We went to Beijing Road today where there are hundreds of little shops selling everything you can imagine. There is also a 7 story department store with a grocery store in the middle somewhere, we never actually found it, but we heard it was there. We found some fun things, we did not go home empty handed (can't really tell you what we bought because some of you will receive these items as gifts:). I bought Cady an adorable pair of shoes for $3.65, what a bargain.

Besides shopping, we had a bit of business to take care of today. We had Cady's medical exam. The US consulate requires these adopted babies to get a physical exam before receiving a visa. They check weight, height, temp, ears, nose, throat, etc. Cady checked out okay. One of the doctors couldn't believe the size of her thighs. She keeps pinching them and saying "big, healthy." She just shook her head is disbelief. This is the same reaction (from the same Doctor I think) that Lexi got at her physical exam over 3 years ago. The Goliath's have big babies. God is good!!

So sorry that I don't have pictures today. We didn't take any while shopping and I went alone to the exam while Russ stayed at the hotel with Lexi so that she could nap and Papa & Nana shopped, so picture taking was out of the question. I was carrying around a 22 pound baby!! Actually, we bought a stroller today for less than $20, that eased my load.

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Lee-Anne said...

A stroller for under $20? You can't go wrong!

Glad Cadence is a beautiful strong healthy girl! You're right - God is good!