Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Guess What We Did Today......

More shopping!!! We went to a jade market and a pearl market and got some great deals. One of the ladies in our group has a Chinese friend that lives here in Guangzhou. She loaned us her friend for the morning. Millie took us to the markets and did the bargaining for us. She buys alot of pearls so she knew right were to take us and how much we should pay. Fun stuff.

For dinner we went on a cruise on the Pearl River. It was a bit disappointing because the weather was bad and the food was terrible. Oh well, we got some nice pictures along the way. We don't have any other pictures today so it's just the scenery along the Pearl.

Tomorrow we are off to the US consulate to take an oath. And then we are home free. During Lexi's bath tonight I told her that we only have 2 more nights in China and then we are going home. She was very disappointed and said, "But our vacation is so much fun!" She doesn't want to go home!

Cady is really coming out of her shell now. She is eating well, except for breakfast - she doesn't have much of an appetite in the morning. She is playful and happy. She goes along with what ever the plan is and only gets fussy when she wants a bottle. At bed time she fusses or cries, but it only lasts 5 or so minutes. For nap time she puts up less of a fuss. She doesn't make a peep the entire night. We've had to wake her up most mornings (and that kills me!! I hate to wake a sleeping child!). Lexi is sleeping well too! (that's an answer to lots of prayers) Both girls put up with the pearl and jade markets this morning much better than my Dad. He got bored and took a cab back to the hotel. The girls and Russ stuck it out.


hmeyer83 said...

I wish you safe travels back to the United States, and I will see you after Spring Break (I will be in Haiti teaching dance at an orphanage.) Please tell Lexi that she has to come back home because it is almost time for the big, she has to show us her little sister! Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Lee-Anne said...

The shopping sounds fantastic! Not sure about the cruise though... although I'm sure it was beautiful!!!

So glad the girls are sleeping well! Enjoy your last couple of days in beautiful/interesting China!