Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More Shopping

We are doing more shopping than touring these days. The money is running low, but we haven't been to all the shops. In between shopping expeditions we had to do some paperwork today. We had to fill out more papers and make sure we had everything together for our consulate appointment tomorrow. We don't actually go to the consulate our agency goes for us. They will be submitting our application for a visa for Cady. Also, this application is for immigration to US. When we land on US soil Cady will be an American citizen. Yeah!!!

We spent a few hours on Shaiman Island this morning (for those of you not familiar with this island - it is an area where the US consulate used to be, there is a huge 5 star hotel there where most adoptive families stay, lots and lots of shops catering to adoptive families, dresses and shoes, oh my). Dad and Deanna made friends with Amy at Jessica's Place. She teased them and said they were her best customers. She also said that Deanna could be on American Idol and that Russ looks like a famous Chinese actor. She took a picture of him! So many people tell him that he looks Chinese. Funny stuff, they don't believe us when we tell them he's from South Africa! Amy about busted a gut laughing, I think she didn't understand the South part and just heard African.

I don't have many pictures to show you today, but I've uploaded pictures from an unsuccessful photo shoot. Enjoy!


Jackie Sue said...

LOVE these pictures of Lexi! Too cute! She looks like she is enjoying Cady, which of course brings me great hope! You must be almost done if your consulate appt is tomorrow. Congratulations! I have lots of questions for you...but I am trying to wait. :) Still no travel approvals for us, but God's timing is perfect, so I wait with hopeful anticipation!

Lee-Anne said...

Gorgeous photos! LOL! A South African that looks Chinese, that is funny!!!

Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful little girls you have. Lexi is so adorable with Cady in these pictures. :) Can't wait until you get back!! (Even if they don't let Russ on the plane.) ;)

nikki said...

Oh yeah, shop 'til you drop!!!

I don't think I would call your photo shoot unsuccessful...I would call it ADORABLE. Love the girls' shirts. too cute.

Christel, Jerry & Alex said...

Hi! We are friends of Heather and Paul Bergmann, She gave us your blog, we also are adopting from China hopefully this year! Your little one is sooo cute, actually you all are pretty cute! :) My husband and i decided that little Cady could be related to our son, Alex, they have similar features, big eyes and CHEEKS!!! He is growing now, but so many of the pictures on your page made us say... she looks like Alex! Hopefully it doesn't offend you, we think she is adorable time a million!!! thanks for sharing your blog!
Christel, Jerry, Alex and soon Kimi!