Thursday, March 8, 2007

Last Full Day in China!!

Okay, I'm not going to tell you what we did today except that we had a lovely farewell dinner with our group tonight. It was bittersweet because we have made friends on this trip that we won't see for a while and saying goodbye to the China Team is very sad. I didn't get emotional at dinner because I was too busy tending to Cady's meltdown. Yes, sweet Cady had a major meltdown. Poor thing was so tired she didn't know what to do. And the room temperature bottle that I offered her just made her mad. Oh, yes, she kicked and screamed. We finally got the bottle warmed up and she was still too mad to enjoy it. By the time she finally gave in and drank the bottle she was so tired she couldn't stay awake. I put her in the stroller and she fell asleep instantly.

We are pretty much packed. We had to buy an extra suitcase, because, well, we haven't just been window shopping you know!! Tomorrow is a busy day of last minute purchases and packing and lunch and naps and heading to airport at 4. We don't actually reach our destination until Saturday at 8:20am, so we are looking at over 30 hours of bus/airports/airplanes/car between hotel and home sweet home. Pray for us!

I didn't edit any of the pictures from tonight. Just too tired!
Last full day in China!! 3-8

Our next post will be from home!!

Random thoughts:
*I am blessed. Great husband, wonderful kids!
*Lexi keeps asking for spaghetti, I thinks she's over the Chinese food (which is actually a favorite of hers, along with Indian and Korean!).
*I'm going to have to start cooking again!
*Russ is going back to work on Monday!
*It's going to be me with 2 kids, all day!
*Jet lag, oh my
*I miss my dog.
*I'm going to miss maid service.
*At home I am the maid.
*I need a cook and a cleaning lady.
*I think I gained some weight.
*It's late, I better stop thinking!


nikki said...

There's no place like home!!!

Safe travels.

Lee-Anne said...

Have a safe uneventful trip home! Lexi is just adorable in her traditional red and black outfit!!! Stunning!

Nicola said...

Not sure who your "other" Nikki is, but I'm writing from Anyway, as to all your random thoughts late last night...very cute. :) You ARE blessed, remember that amidst all the stress of travels and kids. Sorry you'll be back to the "grind" of cooking and cleaning. Can you hire someone? Safe're all in my prayers.

Dannye said...

have a safe trip home...