Saturday, March 17, 2007

We are Home!

Okay, I'm getting lots of complaints that the blog hasn't been updated. We're suffering from jet lag people!! But really, I'm sorry.

The flights home seemed never ending. Cady got sick with a cold and fever the night before we left. Poor baby was quite miserable and then so were we. She slept a few hours, but after that she was up for the next 24 hours, fussy and crabby (or maybe that was me). Lexi was super, she slept most of the way. We were lucky enough to get an extra seat (the China Southern attendant blocked the seat by us when we checked in, he said if the flight wasn't full we would have it to ourselves) so Lexi spread out over 2 seats and slept the flight away! I wouldn't choose China Southern again and I definitely wouldn't choose a red eye!! I didn't like LA airport much either!

Enough of the complaining, once we arrived in Orlando we were so relieved. And when we exited past security we were welcomed home by a wonderful group of family and friends. They had all gotten up early and skipped church to be at the airport to welcome us. It was so nice to see everyone and be back home. Once we got home we found more surprises waiting for us there. Our fridge was full of food, casseroles and fresh fruit, yummy bread and bagels, homemade muffins and the makings for spaghetti. We are blessed with wonderful friends.

Just when we thought that jet lag was going to win, we are starting to feel normal again and sleep at normal times again. We aren't waking up at 3am feeling hungry anymore. Lexi is sleeping until around 7 and Cady isn't waking during the night. Cady was the first to switch to EST. She is really a champion of sleep. A couple mornings this week I actually had to wake her up because she was sleeping in past 9. She naps for 3 or 4 hours at a time in the afternoon and is ready for bed by 7:30. Cady has had a cold since we returned, it's slowly starting to clear up. I took her to the doc this week for a check up and the doc very impressed with her health and disposition. She babbled and smiled for him, charmed him well. She is in the 85th percentile for weight and 60th for height. You really have to see the thighs in person to really appreciate their size. She's just so squeezable!!

Lexi enjoys playing with her sister and always wants to wake her in the morning or from her nap. We are impressed so far with her attitude toward her sister.

Well, I know you want more pictures so here's a few (the pictures of Lexi with blue stuff on her face is how we found her at 6am one morning, the blue stuff is some funky lip gloss, her face stayed tinted for 2 days!):

2007 March


Lee-Anne said...

Glad you made it home, safe and sound - albiet a rough trip home.

Hope Cadence is on the mend, and over her cold. She looks so happy!

Bet you are all glad to be home.

Jackie Sue said...

CUTE PHOTOS!!! Thanks for the update...cant wait to see you all next Monday!

nikki said...

Great pics!
Your girls are adorable. Glad you are all getting back on a schedule!

Where can I get some of that funky blue lip gloss?