Sunday, August 26, 2007

6 Months

Holy cow! It's been 6 months since Cadence Lin was placed in our arms. She is an amazing baby and we can't imagine a more perfect fit for our family. There are days that Lexi reminisces about the time before we "picked up Cady from China," but all in all the adjustment has been smooth for all of us (just not enough time in the day for blogging and scrapbooking and resting or cleaning!).

Here are some updates:

*Cady is growing like a weed, she eats anything we put in front of her. The only food she prefers not to eat is green beans. She only has 2 teeth (I'm a little concerned, her doc is NOT) but that doesn't seem to stop her. Currently weighing in at 25 lbs 9 oz.

*Cady started crawling at 13 months. We keep telling her she needs to learn to walk (she's killing my back), but she still prefers all 4s. She loves to walk back and forth between Mom and Dad or Papa and Nana. Actually, she's quite proud of herself when she makes it across the room and we all clap. It won't be long before walking becomes her preferred mode of transportation.

*Language skills are slowly coming. She uses 2 words: up and apple. She signs: more, eat, milk, all done, & yes (this is a vigorous head nod), also, she loves to clap when we say "yeah". She understands much, much more. She follows commands like: come here, no touching, (be) gentle, don't eat that, etc.

*Fun facts: She loves to mimik silly faces. She closes her eyes (just briefly) and folds her hands we say it's time to pray. She is very ticklish under her chin and on her thighs. She's a snuggler. She sleeps with one leg propped up on the side of the crib. She loves her crib. Sleeps and snuggles with Bear Bear, she hugs him up close to her face. Has to have milk as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She enjoys bath time with Lexi, they see who can splash the most water out of the tub. She tries to lick the wash cloth everytime we wash her face, that tongue comes out every single time. She really only cries if she is super tired or hungry. She loves to ride in her little car when we take Godiva out for a walk around the neighborhood.

And now for some pics:

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Jackie Sue said...

since you don't post often, you may never read this :) Your girls are so beautiful! Ellie is wearing the same dress today as Cady is in the picture with Lexi...funny. Davie cannot WAIT for the beach weekend. Me either! Hope to reconnect with you's gonna be cool again and we can meet at the park soon! much love!